Master of The Walks

Master of the Walks

Presented by

Sir Christopher Slade

Master of the Walks 1990

Lincoln’s Inn


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Boogiethon – Biddu Orchestra
Love Is So Aggrovating – Mark Lane
When Company Comes – The Feelies
Julia – Ramsey Lewis
Let Me Eat Cake – Kraus
2 Home Age Conversation – The Residents



Mary and Brian

Mary and Brian

Mary and Brian Hazzard

Remembered with much love

By all their family

Kew Gardens


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Till the End of the Day – The Kinks
666 – Ray Torske
Approaching the outer limits of our solar system – The Caretaker
Who Are Parents – The Shaggs
Rikichi’s Tears – White Rice – Fumio Hayasaka
Harlem Nocturn – The Viscounts
Manbomerankoria – Fumio Hayasaka
A Pip of Popcorn – Pavel Buchler





In loving memory of

Leonard Frank Robinson

Who spent many happy hours

In these gardens

Kew Gardens


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Hello – Wooden Kimono
Live To Tell – Madonna
Pop Conversation (Main Titles) – Various Various
manhunt – dynamos
Sway – Spiritualized
young love – ric cartey
1989 – VHF Records



Elizabeth Weber


In memory of

Elizabeth weber

(1910 – 1984)

Who loved these gardens

Kew Gardens


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Denomination Blues – Washington Phillips
Side 2 Track 1 – Experimental Audio Research
Belladonna – John Cooper Clark
In The Forest Of The Water God – Fumio Hayasaka
Goodnight, My Love – Shirley Temple
R U Married – The Unseen
Two Balls – Ivor Cutler

Next to Nature, Art

Next to nature

In Memory of Austin Taylor

(1908 – 1992)

Nature he loved, and next to nature, Art

Kew Gardens


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Virginia – Various
Yogurt (Minotaur Shock Remix) – Coppe’
Chubb Rock – Wevie Stonder
Popcorn – The Upsetters
[Hidden Track] – Trans Am
Godzilla Radioactivity (Firebreath) – Ifukube
Fighter Jet – Missile Firing Sounds – Toho SFX
02”43 – The Experience
Conception (Original Version) – Masaru Satō



Eternity Gladys

Again, not a bench. This time a tree.


Was Once Called

Gladys Lilli

Box Hill


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In The Pines – Charlie Feathers

Ryan From The MMs Bar – Sandra Cross

Moscow Olympics – Orange Juice

Des Bisous – Kowton

Little Walsingham (Edit) – Various

Love Is A Losing Game – Amy Winehouse

Newton’s Laws – The 49 Americans

Theme From Deep Gems – Glass Candy

Open Cluster – Samandtheplants

When I Entered – Ivor Cutler

B&D Logo – Suzanne Ciani


A Valuable Oasis


Not exactly a deadbench, but a bench none the less

Donated to the University of London

by the Metropolitan Public Garden Association

in recognition of this valuable oasis on the Jubilee Walkway

Woburn Square, London

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Two Years On Welfare – Exhaust

Cha Cha Cha – Unknown Artist

Someone Like You – Adele

Weekend – The Todd Terry Project

Theme From Deep Gems – Glass Candy

Tri-Danielson!!! – Danielson Famile

Poor Old Ken – Dirty Fan Male

Delia’s Resolve – Russe

Tank – Run Sounds (B) – Toho SFX