Night Night, God Bless

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Battersea Park Sub Tropical Gardens
In Loving Memory Of
Roy Ernest Foot 1934 – 1998
We Miss The Laughter, The Support And The Understanding
Thanks For Being A Great Dad. Night Night, God Bless

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Station  – Eduard Artemiev
The Dancing Cat  – Henry Mancini
It’s Spooky  – Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston
Vespa  – Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers
(Sketch For) Deletion.2  – Richard Chartier
Hunting  -Xander Harris
Nunca, Nunca  – XYX


Senta Bossy




Battersea Park Sub Tropical Gardens

1905 * SENTA BOSSY * 2001

(nee Princesse Cantacuzene)

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Bored Mind (Alternative Mix)  – Cock E.S.P.

ADSF  – CV[ev]

Neighbourhood of Infinity (live)  – The Fall

Gramme Friday  – The Fall

Merry Christmas Oblio  – Hyperjinx Tricycle

Under Control  – Neo Boys

Council Estate  – Tricky



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Lincolns Inn Fields


In Loving Memory of Mamouchka,

Doroteya Bychkov

From Leningrad to New York to Paris

To Finally Everywhere

1924 – 2012

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Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix)  – cLOUDDEAD

Crazy Man Michael  – Fairport Convention

I Worn My Elbows  – Ivor Cutler

Two Balls  – Ivor Cutler

White Nails White Moon  – Kama Aina

Enough Is Enough (Tub Mix)  – Nightfriend

Chesley’s Little Wrists  – Pavement

On the Street Where You Live  – Quincy Jones

Burton 002  – Sleeplesness