Loveable Rogue

jack spong




Jack Spong Aug 2002

Loveable Rogue Who Lived

For His Friends Waves And

Beer At ‘Wrestles’


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The Calvary Cross – Tortoise & Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Faces On Fire – Times New Viking

Fourthly – King Missile

Lovesick – Orange Juice

Zombie Machine (Acid) – Gesloten Cirkel



Peter And Clorinda

peter & clorinda




Peter and Clorinda Gale

‘Sit and Remember as you brush away

the dew from your cheeks’

April 2012


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Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste  -Galaxie 500

Low Down Blues – Cast King of Old Sand Mountain, Alabama

Runopoika #1 – Mesak

No One’s Little Girl – The Raincoats

Grade 8 – Ed Sheeran

oh zero one – UKDragon



Barnes Bridge



Gary Hill

Out To Lunch


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The Beast With Seven Heads (Terminal 11’s Sparkle Downer Remix) – Solypsis

Exit Music (For A Dick) – Will Oldham

Hairy Globe – Stock, Hausen & Walkman

Keep Punching Joe – Daniel Johnston

Martin’s Second Letter – Dirty Fan Male

New Kind Of Shit – Kapital

Sitting And Skanking Dub – Lee “Scratch” Perry





In Loving Memory Of

Patricia Spence

Who Loved This River

1954 – 2001


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Change In Speak – De La Soul

Johnny Miner – The Mekons

Someone I Care About – The Modern Lovers

Strychnine – Fatals

Take Off – Die Werkpiloten

Want To Try – Udell

Barry and His Family


Kew Gardens


In Loving Memory Of

Barry Scott (1914 – 2004) And His Wife Joan (1916 – 1989)

And Their Two Sons

Simon (1943 – 1989) and Martin (1945 – 2008)


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Cannot – Melt Banana

My List – The Killers

+2 – Fuxa

Vandal – Designer

Jenny Kissed Me And It Was… – Peter Wyngarde