Dianne and Peter

2014-09-04 15.01.47


Presented by

Dianne and Peter Fairweather

in their appreciation of

35 happy years in Inveraray




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Cherry Chromatics

The Fling Mikis Theodorakis

I Call Him Majestic Wonders

I Got The Fire Mix-O-Rap

Monsterdinosaur Dandi Wind

No Party Marit Bergman

Sank Into The Chair (Live) Liquid Liquid

South Bound 81 James “Rebel” O’Leary



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In Loving Memory of


1st Jan 1928 – 16 Nov 2003


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The Groove That Won’t Stop – Williams Fairey Brass Band & Jeremy Deller

Legs Akimbo – Ken Rubenstein

Electric Air – Oxford Collapse

Dirty – Hard Corps

Battle Theme – St George

Goldfish Bowl – Smog

Suck You Out – Dirty Fan Male