Thames Path Between Kew Bridge and Richmond


25.3.22 – 26.9.07

Loving Mother and Nana

Once Met, Never Forgotten

Always In Our Hearts

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Lady Madonna  – The Beatles

Prudencia  – Collectif DJ Attlakou

Subdivision  – FWY!

Your Moonpie Eye –  Major Organ And The Adding Machine

Flame (Remix)  – Sebadoh


Bruce Boa

Bruce Boa

Thames Path Betweeen Kew Bridge and Richmond

Bruce Boa 10th July 1930 – 16 April 2004 Go With The Flow

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Small Bump –  Ed Sheeran

I’m Straight –  The Modern Lovers

Hadd Mondjam El  – Zalatnay Sarolta

Chasing Your Shadow –  Zeigeist

Greg Hutt

Greg HuttThames Path Between Kew Bridge and Richmond

Greg Hutt 1970 – 2009 (AKA ‘Jabba The/Pizza’)

Loved a Bargain . . . Never Work Too Hard!

Live Your Dream . . . Travel The World “I’ll Be Watching You”

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Don’t Stop Bleedin’ (Make It Or Break It Mix)  – Elyse’s Secret Pain

Miss Judy’s Farm  – The Faces

Summertime  – John Fahey

An die Musik  – Josephine Foster

Serenata – Quincy Jones

Ann Keane

Ann Keane

Barnes Pond

With loving and Heartfelt Thanks

to the Principal of the Village Nursery

Mrs. Ann Keane who has cared for our

children from 1981 – 2013 and given so much to our families and our community

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Deeper Than My Gov’t 3  – Danielson Famile

Loose Fit –  Happy Mondays

Spade Invaders ( Featuring Alph Prhyme) –  Infinite Livez

Scenes From a 1963 Los Angeles Love-in –  Pre

Burton 002 –  Sleeplesness

Jim Brazier

Jim Brazier

A Park Near Gower Street

In memory of Jim Brazier

from Friends & Colleagues at The University of London

1955 – 2003

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October – BBC Drama Workshops

All you are going to want to do is get back there – The Caretaker

Do The Criminal –  GoldenGirls

We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin QQT Mix) –  Mescalinum United

Space Warrior  – Smith N Hack



Kew Gardens

Remembered With Love Everyday

Karol Senkiw

Who Enjoyed These Gardens All Through The Year

A Much Loved Husband, Son, Dad and Brother

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Bad Seeds –  The Beat Happening

Mental caverns without Sunshine  – The Caretaker

Part Six: Fowler’s Toad, Meadow Frog, Southern Meadow Frog, Pickerel Frog –  Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada

Gondry –  Max Tundra

Are You Down – The Panthers

Dance the Mutation –  Simply Saucer

Here Comes The Pain Again (Wiseguy Dumbed Down Mix) –  U Can Unlearn Guitar